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Overclocked Gaming Pc

It used to be that in order to play the latest and greatest PC games you had to have the latest and greatest hardware as well. This is an expensive proposition. Top video cards along routinely go for more than the price of a processor and motherboard, which in themselves can cost as much as an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

One of the most demoralizing problems is that gaming companies often develop their games in anticipation of hardware that won’t even become available to the public until around the time their game will be released. Compounding the problem, the top-top of the line computer hardware always seems to cost nearly double the price of similar hardware just a few models down despite only offering 5% to 10% better performance. Yet, the hardcore gamer couldn’t satisfy their needs without that extra 10% computing power. This led many gamers to become locked into a very expensive cycle, year after year, until recently.

Hardware manufacturers have always known that their products’ primary limitations are set by heat. Friction at an atomic level occurs as electrons go zooming through the silicon mazes they create, and the faster those impulses go the more heat is generated. Essentially, the primary difference between the fast computer chips of today and the slower chips of yesteryear is the chip manufacturers discovered ways to fit more pathways into a smaller space (allowing faster travel from one side of the die to the other) without generating more heat (or using materials that could withstand it better).

What it all comes down to is that manufacturers set these chips to lower speed settings than they are capable of, because they know the chip can withstand a lot of heat on that setting — but computers are programmable and it’s possible to make those chips go faster. Keeping the chips cooler could even mean they would last equally as long as ones using the manufacturer’s settings, but even with less than optimal cooling a properly overclocked chip will nearly always outlast its usefulness to someone who needs to upgrade their hardware frequently.

Originally this was only something hardcore techie gamers did. They experimented with different overclocked settings and even different cooling methods. You don’t have to be a techie to get your hands on an overclocked gaming PC these days though. Overclocking is well past its infancy and now expert techs have teamed up with some custom PC builders to pre-build overclocked systems anyone can buy and use. You don’t even have to know anything about overclocking, the simple matter is you can buy cheaper hardware that’s been overclocked to run as fast as much more expensive gaming PCs. For gamers trapped in the hardware cycle, this represents an enormous opportunity to reduce the annual cost of buying new hardware.

If you’ve got money to burn, the top-top of the line computer gaming hardware is fantastic. But for most of us the ability to purchase pre-overclocked gaming PCs is a great new way to get top of the line performance for a much smaller investment.

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Fashion Island



Satellite view of Newport Center, with Fashion Island in the middle of the image

Opened in 1967 as part of Newport Center, the mall featured four department stores: Buffum’s, J. W. Robinson’s, The Broadway, and J.C. Penney. These four initial buildings were designed by architects William Pereira and Welton Becket, and were flanked by several smaller stores. The Spanish architectural theme which would later define the mall was evident in the Robinson’s building. In the late 1970s, Bullocks Wilshire (which later became I. Magnin) and Neiman Marcus were added. In the early 1980s, J.C. Penney moved out, and the building it occupied was reconstructed and reopened as “Atrium Court”, which contained numerous smaller shops and a food court on the lower level.

Renovation work taking place at Fashion Island

The southwest entrance to Robinson’s features a bronze wind-chime sculpture by mural artist Tom Van Sant, installed in September 1967, that was recorded by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest wind chime. (Possibly supplanted by Eureka Springs, Ark. in 2007.)

In 1988, the center underwent a major expansion and renovation based on the design of Jon Jerde, adding the Island Terrace Food Court, an eight-screen movie theater, and three new avenues of shops, all of which converge in a circular courtyard with an animated fountain that shoots jets of water up to 30feet (9.1m) high. This fountain is known as the “Iris Fountain” because of the radial-leaves pattern of its marble lining coupled with the jets of water that suggests the iris plant.

In 1990, the Bullocks Wilshire store became an I. Magnin. Federated Department Stores, which owned I. Magnin closed the chain in the mid 1990s, and the store was replaced with a Bullock’s Women’s Store. When Federated shuttered the Bullock’s chain, the store was replaced again by Macy’s as a Macy’s Women’s Store. Buffum’s closed in 1991, and its space was later subdivided into smaller stores. After the consolidation of J. W. Robinson’s and May Company California, the Robinson’s store became a Robinsons-May in 1993. The Broadway, whose parent company had been purchased by Federated was done away with in 1996, and was replaced by one of the first Bloomingdale’s stores on the West Coast.

In the early 2000s the mall underwent additional minor renovations resulting in the alteration and replacement of landscape elements, building facades, outdoor furniture ,and floor materials to better reflect the Mediterranean theme. Included in this renovation was the installment of a carousel and a new wing with restaurants and shops, although the carousel was removed in January 2010 as part of major renovations of the center.

The Federated-May merger in 2006, greatly affected Fashion Island, resulting in the closure and demolition of the 80,000square feet (7,400m2) Macy’s Women’s Store and conversion of the former Robinsons-May into a full-line Macy’s store.

Dean & DeLuca announced that it would be opening a new West Coast flagship store at Fashion Island in fall 2009. Those plans were later canceled.

On January 29, 2008, Nordstrom announced that it had signed a letter of intent to open a 138,000sqft (12,800m2) store in 2010 in the former Macy’s Women’s Store location.

In 2009 the Irvine Company began a $ 100 million renovation of the mall and is changing the Spanish style to an Italian style. The work will last through fall 2011.


Bloomingdale’s 187,534sqft (17,422.5m2)

Bloomingdale’s Home Store 62,000sqft (5,800m2)

Macy’s 224,219sqft (20,830.6m2)

Neiman Marcus 153,000sqft (14,200m2)

Nordstrom 138,000sqft (12,800m2) Opening Spring 2010

Christmas tree

The large courtyard outside the Bloomingdale’s building is occupied annually by a large Christmas tree. About a week before Christmas, every year, the tree is lit, preceded by extravagant holiday performances. The trees are taken from a private timber area near Mount Shasta, and shipped to Fashion Island in several pieces, which are then re-assembled using steel rods and a large crane.[citation needed]

Since 1983, the tree at Fashion Island has generally been the nations tallest. The M Resort held this distinction for 2009.


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^ “Nation’s Tallest Christmas Tree at M Resort”. KLAS-TV. 2009-12-11. Retrieved 2009-12-11.

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Education Scholarship


In every country, education scholarships are given great importance by students. Though the monitory benefits involved in scholarships are the most important, some other benefits can encourage student to achieve these scholarships. An education scholarship recognizes the brightest talents in an educational field. Moreover, it encourages students for healthy competition to achieve a specific scholarship and encourage them to study better.

These scholarships also encourage students to complete attendance in college and university and complete their degree. The most important fact about scholarship is they help raise the economic level of student and help them continue their education.

To select the most deserving students, each scholarship is based upon certain criterion. This criterion may include financial needs such as income level of the student or family income, academic merit such as standardized test scores and grade point averages. Needs-based scholarships can make higher education more accessible to deserving but financially weak students and help them raise their future income potential. Scholarships based upon merit encourage students to work towards academic success. Moreover, there certain scholarships that combine financial needs as well as academic merits.

A scholarship based on financial needs select the students belonging to the families having low income. Moreover, in countries like India, there are scholarships to encourage education of girl child.

Governments to help students continue their Higher education found many scholarships. Besides, many corporate companies, which are involved in charities and working towards encouraging education, distribute these scholarships.

Though scholarships are kind of donation, students have to work hard to achieve them and therefore, they fell pride in achieving a scholarship based on academic merit. It is like having an honor.

There are scholarships at all levels right from primary school to PhD level. You can get complete information about various scholarships in India and abroad. You can search online for comprehensive information about any specific education scholarship.

For more information about the Engineering College in India or more MBA college in Delhi/NCR visit on

A Great Hobby For Golfers

Gathering is a great pastime for many individuals, through spoons, charge cards, audio memorabilia to valuable clubs and also putters. Anything that can your own extravagant you will be an avid extractor.

Now with the use of personal computers as well as the internet, gathering has become easier and much more well-known. You will find almost anything on the internet with out actually leaving home. Whether you are an extractor or perhaps a vendor the web is the best instrument to suit your needs. You will discover a number of other enthusiasts for instance your self in which acquire all kinds of items which includes specific release products, wholesale golf clubs is indispensable in your golf game.

You can find groups and also society’s which have their own web sites for you to sign up for or check out. You will find the choice of e-bay to purchase different styles of golfing items that you might like to collect. Not only are there collectible golf clubs as well as putters nevertheless, you may be thinking about getting additional components of curiosity for instance golf balls, guides, rating charge cards, medals, trophy’s, tees, golf club track records and much, a lot more.

Heaven is really the actual limit while searching for memorabilia for your attention online. You may well be more interested in old-fashioned golf items or simply more contemporary kinds. The choice is yours. Needless to say there’s far more to take into account than what you need to discover and purchase. You should work out how much you can afford to spend just before slipping deeply in love with one thing you’ve seen. There’s of course a further option of changing. An advanced eager extractor and have a huge choice of different things then you may be capable of exchange something from the selection with this specific a thing that another enthusiast is wearing offer you

Anything you determine meets your needs, carrying it out from the web is regarded as the convenient as well as effective method.Therefore, whether you are looking for vintage golf equipment and also putters or perhaps some other golfing souvenirs why not have a look close to at this time to see what is available that you should discover. We’ve investigated and found the most effective golf retailing businesses that may also be able to be of assistance with memorabilia in addition to up to date used and new playing golf equipment as well as accessories.

I’m a golf enthusiast, I’ve been in this field for just 2 years, I like golf very much, so I have learn a lot of skills from others. I hope more people love this great game and improve their skills with golf clubs for sale and some little suggestions from my articles.

Movie Blog – Lesser Known Movie Pioneers


The movie industry has certainly come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1826 when Joseph Plateua and Simon von Stampfer invented a novelty toy that created the illusion of moving pictures on a spinning disk. At present, we have access to the technology of 3D animation, digital sound effects, CG (Computer Graphics) animation, and high definition images taken by equally high definition cameras. Yes, these advancements have made the motion picture one of the greatest past times, but it would be an interesting experience to have this movie blog take up the lesser-known firsts of this well loved form of entertainment.

1. The First Cinema 
Many people attribute most of film’s firsts to America. But few realize that the very first cinema that was ever built for the sole purpose of showing films was located in Paris. Of course, this cinema is nothing like our idea of a movie theater now. The first cinema theater was located in a converted room in a Parisian cafe owned by August Lumiere, one of the world’s earliest filmmakers.

2. The First Film Distribution Company 
In the early years of film, there were no distribution companies present as most films that were featured were only locally distributed. But as the film industry grew, there came a need to distribute. The Duquesne Amusement & Supply Company was the first to heed the said need. What this company, owned by Sam Warner and his brother Albert Warner, was very simple. They distributed and exchanged motion pictures – much like how video stores rent out copies of films on tape. Nineteen years later, the brothers renamed their company to Warner Brothers Pictures – the same company that we know very well today.

3. First Animated Feature-Length Film 
Long before Wall-E, Kung Fu Panda, and Up, there was El Apostol, a 1917 animated cartoon written and directed by Quirino Cristiani from Argentina. Unlike the three cartoons mentioned earlier, the very first animated film was considered a political satire targeting immorality and corruption; and was not intended for young audiences.

4. First Feature-Length 3D Film 
While most of the youth may argue that Avatar was the first 3D film to be released according to their memory, historically, that is not the case. A film under the suspense genre about a pair of man-eating lions that terrorize a group of hunters in East Africa in the 20th century titled Bwana Devil is considered the first 3D movie. It was directed by the radio drama writer Arch Oboler and had a film budget of $ 400,000 – a big difference to the $ 246 million that was spent making the 2009 3D blockbuster Avatar.

Taking a peek into the small beginnings of cinema, through this short movie blog, makes one more appreciative of the origins of what turned out to be one of the most lucrative businesses with the most number of fans.


Raffy Chan is a writer and internet enthusiast, based in California. He enjoys doing research, writing, and website/s creation. He is the originator of the QuidErgo Group: a community of professionals, authors, artists and computer enthusiasts who come together with the common aim of communicating with the online world.

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101 Creative Card Sketches: A Must-have For Card Makers


101 Creative Card Sketches: A Must-have For Card Makers
101 Creative Card Sketches: A Must-have For Card Makers
Card Sketches Are The Ultimate Source Of Inspiration For Card Makers. Learn How To Make One-of-a-kind Handmade Greeting Cards Quickly And Easily. Never Run Out Of Card Making Ideas Again. 70% Commission.
101 Creative Card Sketches: A Must-have For Card Makers

101 Success Tips
101 Success Tips
Life’s Great When Your Career, Earnings And Relationships Are Going Forwards, But What To Do When These Things Start To Stagnate, Or Worse Go Backwards, Or When Your Energy And Enthusiasm Levels Drop.
101 Success Tips

What Does Everybody Else Know That I Don’t?: Social Skills Help for Adults with

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Social Marketing Success

Social marketing success is measured by the benefits of the marketing campaigns to the society rather than the financial gain or increase in sales. Social marketing seeks to educate the society on certain issues and suggesting solutions to societal problems, and not entirely promoting certain goods or services. Funds spent on social marketing cannot be recovered in financial terms, but in terms of making the lives of people better.

To ensure your social marketing success, it is important to define the aims of your campaign. What do you wish to gain from this marketing? A reduction in the number of motor accidents is increasing awareness of road safety regulations or any other. The aims must be specific enough and numeric values attached if possible; that is the only way to measure the success of the marketing successfully. For instance, the aim could be reducing road accidents by 15% by the end of the year, by doing this we can measure at the end of the year if this has been successful or not.

After defining the aims of the social marketing, you need to identify your audience. What age group should the audience encompass? Which media will be more appropriate in reaching them? The methods that will work for young people may not work for the elderly. If the audience is online, then the internet will do but if not, another method has to be found to get the message to them.

The approach to the marketing will depend on the audience. If the audiences are online and are part of social networking groups, then perhaps Facebook or twitter will be a good medium. If they love to watch photos, then you could create your campaigns as photos and tag them in. You could also use banner adverts and Google Adwords for the elderly internet users who are not part of social networking sites.

Finally, you need to analyze your methods used and results obtained and check them against the aims stated. If the aims are being met, then all is well but if not, you may need to rethink the strategy. It is also important to determine where things went wrong; maybe you are targeting the wrong audience or using the wrong methods. For instance, targeting an anti-smoking campaign at minors will not yield any results. This is because they are barred from smoking by law and so a campaign in that direction will not change anything. It is sometimes very difficult to set out the aims of the campaign, but as time goes on, the picture becomes clearer so aspects can be adjusted to fit.

Social marketing success makes society better. For example, a success in the seatbelt campaign will lead to the reduction in fatalities in road accidents, thus saving a lot of lives. In recent times, social marketing has become more effective online that anywhere else. Campaign leaders can have forums online where members can contribute their ideas on the issues and help sensitize other people. Online methods deliver messages faster than print and electronic media.

For more information on Social Marketing, please visit my blog at See you there!


Yours Sincerely,

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach


My name is Annetta Powell and I am your Professional Success Coach of Real Estate Investing and Network Marketing. My goal is to help others experience financial and professional freedom through mentoring, training and personal development.

Researching Movie Reviews and Movie News

by erin m

Going to see movies is one of America’s top forms of entertainment; however there is nothing worse than leaving the theater feeling cheated. If you are like most people, this has probably happened to you more than once. A bad movie is . . . well, a bad movie, and sitting through one can leave you feeling like you’ve just wasted your time. To prevent this from happening again, you can take the time to read movie reviews before you buy your ticket. When you research movie reviews, you can find out what people think about movies that are playing in theaters and even movies on DVD. This is a smart move so that you don’t have to go through that devastating process ever again, and you can be sure your movie choice will leave you feeling good.

Thousands of movies are produced every year, and reading movie reviews is like following a road map—the reviews inform you on which movies are good, and which to avoid. Not all reviews for a movie will be good, and neither will they all be negative. Most movies contain a mix of reviews that highlights the highs and lows. So seriously consider this new trend before you go to the theater next time, it will likely save you a lot of regret.

So, someone has to write all those movie reviews, right? Have you seen a movie you wish you could review to share with others how much you found it to be riveting and thrilling or on the other hand, maybe it bored you to tears? With the Internet you can do just that and take the liberty of warning others, or even suggesting a great flick. It’s a lot of fun to see if people agree with you or have their own different opinion.

Movie reviews are written by two categories of people; professionals and average movie viewers like you. When reading reviews or movie news from professionals, you can always rest assured that their opinion is solid and not affected by their feelings or genre preference, although, professional reviews can still vary from time to time. The experts on this field will be able to give you a very accurate information about the movies that interest you and keep you updated with all the data you want to know.

If you run into this problem, then you should probably look from a different angle and take a gander at reviews posted by people like you. Consider the opinions of these people, but don’t forget that each review is filled with personal bias that contributes to their opinions.

Sometimes while checking movie reviews you can run across a lot of movie news. Great community sites such as takes information from reliable sources and puts it all together in a convenient website. At Movie Vault you can read up on movie reviews, movie news, celebrities, release dates, DVD releases, and even more. Movie news offers a sneak peak inside.

Are you looking for a reliable source where you can find movie reviews and movie news ? Start looking at, a website where critics and viewers come together and share their experiences.

Trained since childhood to be a lethal killer, Raizo has since turned his back on the Ozunu clan that raised him and now seeks revenge for their heartless murders. Teaming up with Europol investigator Mika, Raizo steadily butchers his enemies while inching ever closer to the long-awaited bloody reunion with his former master.

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MLM Social Review


Founded by internationally-renowned MLM and internet marketing expert, David Track, MLMSocial, “The Social Network For Network Marketers,” is the world’s largest MLM social network. And with more than 50,000 members strong, MLMSocial?s membership-base spans across 150 countries worldwide.


MLMSocial also operates the largest, most up-to-date, and most comprehensive MLM Company Directory database on Earth! Get honest ratings and reviews from thousands of MLM Distributors, and interact directly with the MLM Companies for whom you distribute.


And if you?re looking for the right MLM Company to join, but you just aren?t sure which company is the right company for you, MLMSocial is the answer to your prayers. You will even be given the ability to search MLM Companies by Name, Product Categories, Compensation Plan, Cost to Join, Top Rated, Most Comments, Most Activity, Year Founded and Much More!



And now? MLMSocial is proud to introduce to the world our long-awaited MLM Opportunity! Many leading MLM experts are claiming that this is by far the most powerful MLM marketing machine that the MLM industry has ever seen.


The great news is that it doesn?t cost you a dime to earn money on MLMSocial, and it?s always FREE to join! There are no presentations to make and no products to purchase or ship. Plus, not only does this opportunity not conflict with your current MLM, but it will actually HELP thrust your MLM marketing into overdrive!



And, unlike other MLM Companies that offer specific products and services that compete with one another (MLM vertical markets, like Health, Travel, Cosmetics, eBooks, etc.), MLMSocial stands in a class of its own. Because MLMSocial is the premier MLM social network, joining is a no-brainer. There are more than 60 million MLM Distributors worldwide, and MLMSocial appeals to the masses, as it is the quickest, cheapest, and easiest way to get your message out to your targeted audience.



I would like to compliment you and MLM Social on producing an excellent forum to showcase our brand and connect with both established network sales persons and organizations. In the space of 4 weeks our advertising campaign on MLM Social has far out-produced any other media we have employed at comparable cost.

Furthermore, I have personally benefited in meeting many other MLM Social members who have similar interests and expertise to share.

Michael Beighton

Whether you have joined for Free or have chosen to Upgrade, you will always have access to the following:

Inside Information and Reviews on MLM Opportunities
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Eliminate Friend Number Limits and Much More!

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